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Flashlight : Brightest Flashlight Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 9152 ratings )
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jan 2010
App size: 2.49 Mb

The Flashlight just got Brighter! Brightest Flashlight Pro offers you multi-purpose flashlights with a New Flashlite dimmer! Handy as a night light when you need it. The flash light is a must have!

► New! Flashlight Slider/Dimmer for setting the Camera Flashbulb and LED light to your preferred Brightness!!
► Now the BRIGHTEST iPhone 4,5,6+ Flashlight! Optimized for iOS 7 and 8!
► Includes iPhone 4/5/6 + Brilliant FlashLight with a Dual Mode LED FlashLight and Camera Flashbulb Slider!
► No Ads - Ever!
► LIGHT up Your WORLD ► AT .99¢ - A Must Have! * The Brightest
Flashlight Available -Guaranteed!!

FlashLight - NiteLight - PurseLight - CampLight - KeyLight - TorchLight - Torch
ComputerLight - many Great FlashLight uses for your iPod, iPhone,
and iPad!

"Very Useful - Worked well in the dark last night trying to plug-in a
space heater while the toddlers were sleeping. Very bright and
wonderful interface."
- iPhone6 - 5 STARS

Brightest Flashlight Pro is a great flashlight that offers you the
brightest flashlight settings for your iPhone, iPhone 4/5/6 +, iPod and
iPad! Very Handy for night time illumination. Use Brightest Flashlight
not only as a Flashlight, but as a night light and reading lamp as

Features include:

► The Brightest Flashlight in the Store!
► Flashlight Slider to adjust the Camera LED Flashbulb Brightness - NEW!!
► SOS strobe for signaling

Pros and cons of Flashlight : Brightest Flashlight Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Flashlight : Brightest Flashlight Pro app good for

Wow. No problem throwing light and Having deer stare at me. Dont know how much it is draining the battery though
Sweet app could do without the other product placements though. The app could also use a battery scale to know how much battery is being used over a time period.
I like every detail I this app. The only flaw Is that the blackberry bolds flashlight seems almost twice as bright ! Other than that I rate it 4 stars
The annoying sound could be done away with..otherwise cool app
I was surprise how bright the light was. Really glad I got it!!! My son was the one that told me about it! Love it!!!
This is the best light Ive have, when I take my dogs out at night it is really dark,I just press the button and good grief theres light.COOL

Some bad moments

The light doesnt go through my camera and Im using this on my iPod and it doesnt work I just wasted 99 cents on this for nothing
Unable to move beyond initial set up screen and shows a warning message about no brightness control. Save money, dont buy!
Been using Brightest Flashlight Free for a few months on my iPhone 5 iOS 6.1. Recently purchased BF Pro but upon startup the opening screen has a persistent banner across the bottom of the screen stating "Step 1. Tap the Settings icon on your device." which I am unable to remove or determine what the next "Step(s)" is/are. Tried removing/reinstalling the app without success. What are the remaining "Steps" and/or solution? (Control panel is functional but this bottom banner is useless and wasting valuable screen space.) Any advice and assistance are appreciated. Thanks! BTW support services are NOT available from the provider!
Flashlight works well. I hate the fact it has to make the annoying sound when it comes on. Please give an option to turn it off!!!!
About a year ago I heard that these flashlight apps have malware, I didnt believe it and I found an article that said it was false. However one of many cyber security firms have recently confirmed this, one example is the firm "snoopwall". This was not entirely conclusive back in early 2014.The FTC ordered one developer to make a privacy policy which lets you know your info, contacts, location is shared with 3rd parties. the top 10 flashlight apps are effected. It is more prevalent on the GP store, if there is a privacy policy read it Dictated but not read

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