Flashlight : Brightest Flashlight Pro App Reviews

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Wow. No problem throwing light and Having deer stare at me. Dont know how much it is draining the battery though


It needs improvement

Not Bad

Lights are always handy


Not bad.

Brightest flashlight

Sweet app could do without the other product placements though. The app could also use a battery scale to know how much battery is being used over a time period.


I like every detail I this app. The only flaw Is that the blackberry bolds flashlight seems almost twice as bright ! Other than that I rate it 4 stars


this is the best flashlight

Why the annoying sound ?

Good app but the sound effect can be annoying


The annoying sound could be done away with..otherwise cool app


The dogs gonads

2 Thumbs up

Great app

Fo real?!

Flashlight is awesome I stick it up my bum and I make myself glow!!! No what ima sayin!? Lol

Great product!!!

I was surprise how bright the light was. Really glad I got it!!! My son was the one that told me about it! Love it!!!

Not very good

The light doesnt go through my camera and Im using this on my iPod and it doesnt work I just wasted 99 cents on this for nothing

Ed K.

This is the best light Ive have, when I take my dogs out at night it is really dark,I just press the button and good grief theres light.COOL

Nice and bright!

So glad I bought this app. Comes in handy all the time.


Love the app - I use it all the time, best investment I ever did!!


I love having this its so useful and easy to use and I always have it with me!

Great App

Love this app! Makes a great flashlight and its always with me


I can read in bed ! Just love it!

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